Corporate Gifts

Top Corporate Gifts for Travel Loving Clients

Worried about giving a gift to a special client who seems to need nothing? Is your client someone who is moving around the world almost every weekend? Then here is a list of some customized travel corporate gifts which your client is going to love. People do prefer gifts that are durable, useful, and practical.

Functional Toiletry Bag

The first on our list is a toiletry bag. A functional toiletry bag is an ideal gift for someone who needs to travel often. A very popular choice of corporate gift in Singapore is a toiletry bag. It certainly is one of the most important items you cannot do without while packing your bags. However, finding the perfect toiletry bag that fits all your essential necessities can be a bit tricky. A custom toiletry bag will be perfect for your clients as it has many benefits. It is made of waterproof fabric, comes with many pockets and a compartment to store your essentials. The sturdy zipper will prevent things from getting misplaced. Depending on your client’s taste or preferences, you can select a proper color and print your company’s logo as well as your client’s name on it.

Backpack with Laptop section

What would a regular flier want? Certainly, the answer is a good backpack and if it also has a laptop compartment then that is the ultimate combination that you should consider in the first place. If your client takes several short business trips then you can trust on a backpack cum carry-on, which is good enough to store your clothes and all other business essentials as well.  From good corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore, you can get a customized backpack that has an inner laptop lining, a bottle compartment on the outside, and other sections for storing paper and stationery. The weight is distributed evenly and thus your client is going to enjoy it a lot.

Synthetic Drawstring Pouch

Travelling means a lot of packing and packing. However, traveling can become a headache if you always have to rummage through your luggage to find any particular item. Here drawstring pouches in different colors come to the rescue. They are practical enough and take up very little space as well. You can pack your clothing, shoes, and other small items separately in these pouches. Just like any customized lanyard Singapore, these pouches can also be customized according to your needs.  Many good drawstring bags suppliers Singapore can give you endless options to choose from.

There are few more gift ideas to contemplate. For instance, there are some other handy corporate travel gifts available in the form of a foldable travel bag. Well, a foldable bag is lightweight and can be easily packed inside your luggage and it is useful in case you plan to do some shopping. A foldable cutlery set is a unique idea as it is eco-friendly and your client will always be happy to be self-sufficient. So if you have the right corporate gift Singapore to guide you, finding a perfect corporate gift will be smooth and easy.