Leather Collection

  • Envelope A4 Holder LZ365

  • Envelope Meeting Folder LZ392

  • L-Zip Meeting Folder LZ759

  • L-Zip A5 Organiser LZ763

  • Single Luggage Tag LC052

  • Keyring Thumbdrive LC051

  • Lanyard with Cardholder LC050

  • Two Fold Lanyard Cardholder ZA032

  • Magnetic Flash Drive ZA033

  • L Zip Conference Organizer ZA030

  • L Zip A4 Holder ZA029

  • Keyhook Thumbdrive ZA034


At the Switts Group; the highly skilled experts make attractive leather products of developed polish. They support hundreds of years old customs established in the perfect workmanship of the city’s specialist of the Renaissance period. With eminent artistry and a drive to make the remarkable, most astounding quality and best leather collection in Singapore is deliberately chosen and meticulously formed by experienced hands for the bags, wallets and different frill of a leather collection in Singapore.

Choosing the best leather collection in Singapore

Making things of such spellbinding workmanship starts with recognizing the ideal piece of a leather collection in Singapore. Just the most perfect examples are picked by an ace specialist to end up some portion of the Switts Group story. With fastidious care and responsibility, they survey finest covers up for grain, softness, and color to later be shaped into lavish companions for regular daily existence. With hands prepared through convention and experience, Switts Group experts unpretentiously perused the story the leather tells. Be it for a bag or a wallet, joining conventional devices and techniques with cutting-edge innovation, the Switts Group experts convey unprecedented inward beauty to the surface.

Unique leather collection Singapore  

The story every one of these pieces tells is one of custom and finely sharpened art. Every one of the articles in the Switts Group leather accumulations speaks to an association of finest materials and consummate workmanship. From leather business bags, business card holders and pen pockets to a city bags and other fine embellishments, these things of refined tastefulness go with their conveyor with style and modernity of best leather collection in Singapore.