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Why a customised bag is the most versatile gift for your event

Bags are one of the most commonly received gifts all over the world. They can be gifted at almost any occasion, ranging from birthday parties to anniversary dinners and corporate events. Leave a more lasting impression on your business clients with our fully customisable bags from SWITTS! Here are several reasons why a customised bag […]

Tips on designing the perfect customised lanyard for your event

Unknown to many of us, the simple act of slinging a lanyard over your neck can actually do a great deal for your brand. Our torso is one of the most prominent parts of our entire body and displaying a lanyard with your brand’s name engraved in bold across it can actually help increase your […]

Here is our list of our top 6 eco-friendly corporate gift ideas

With the ever increasing number of environmental advocates, there has been a shift in the trend towards the conservation of our natural environment. Fret not if you are pondering over what corporate gifts to get. We have compiled a list of the top few eco-friendly corporate gifts which you could proudly present to both your […]

How your business could actually benefit by providing GWPs

If you still do not know what a GWP stands for, it actually refers to a Gift with Purchase. This usually arrives in the form of a complimentary or discounted gift that is given when someone purchases one or more products. Many companies/brands provide GWPs to their customers which either serves as a token of […]