In Switts Group, we believe in conceptualizing a solution dedicated to each of our clients needs and request. Good customer experience is our best practice.

“A Gift is not a gift without thoughts and sincerity.”

  • Corporate Gift

    Switts group offer a wide selection of over 1000 products to suit your budget and specific needs.

    Our in house design team is also able to create customized designs to meet various functional, aesthetic requirements and most important to enhance customer’s corporate image. Let us brain storm with you to maximize the returns of your company investment on the gifts.

  • Events Management / Conceptualization / Fabrication

    Switts group Pte Ltd is a one-stop event solution centre for our clients incorporating event planning, conceptualization, creating and customer solutions.

    Our team of experienced events personnel enable us to execute and deliver each quality event with professionalism, pride, dedication and precision. We will listen to you, talk to you and work together with you to develop the precise creative solution to meet your need and works.

  • Redemption Services

    Our redemption centre is strategically located in the central Singapore.

    Within five mins walk from somerset MRT. We accept both seasonal and long term projects. Clients can deliver gift items to customers through this centre and reports are made and updated on our website for viewing.